Forestry Exhibition – “Forests: Innovation and Traditions 2019”

6 liepos, 2019
V. Rinkevičius: “1500 ha – optimalus miško plotas pelningai ir tvariai ūkininkauti”
4 liepos, 2019
Mežsaimniecības izstāde – “Meži: inovācijas un tradīcijas 2019”
6 liepos, 2019

Forestry Exhibition – “Forests: Innovation and Traditions 2019” [ LV ] [ LT ] [ RU ]

Specialized exhibition of forest and wood industry and recycling opportunities together with scientific conferences, seminars, as well as foresters, forestry, forestry machinery or other forest-related companies.

Time and Location:
The exhibition will take place on September 6-7.
Lyduokiai, Ukmergė district,
55 ° 16’41.5 ″ N 24 ° 57’37.0 ″ E
Reference: 55.278185, 24.960263

Hunting trophy exhibition
The eyes of the participants and guests who have come to the festival will be impressed by the impressive exposition of the hunting trophies of the Ukmergė district and the whole Lithuania hunters.

We will organize a seminar – training to trim off  park and city trees. It will be held near the Ferinka oak and Lyduokiai Manor together with the Lithuanian Arborists Association.
Registration is required.

Seminars that  are organized at the exhibition:
· “Assessment of the intensity of the forest usage alternatives”. Dr. A. Kuliešis
· Assessment of key harvesting methods from a technological, economic and ecological point of view. Dr. D. Mikšys
· “About forest plants” K. Obelevičius and “Interesting forest entomology” Dr. A. Gedminas
· “Increasing forest biodiversity by restoring logging sites”. Dr. L. Česonienė and R. Daubaras
· A Look at the History of Forestry in Lithuania and Forest Resources. Dr. A.Tebėra
· “The importance of forest breeding genetic diversity” Dr. D. Verbyla
· Forest Reclamation, Forest and Water. Dr. L. Šadzevičius
· “About the old trees – the oak wood”. J. Girinas
· “Principles of assessment and maintenance of the state of the trees in the city”. Dr. R. Bakys
· “Forest Phytosanitary Problems”. VMT
· “Prospects of Natural Tourism in Lithuania”. L. Daubaras
· “FSC Forest Certification in Lithuania”. A. Pivoriūnas
· Hunting….
· Learn more about your locations using digital maps. Dr. A.Abalikštienė
· “Self-monitoring of forest growth in GEOPORTALE” Dr. A.Abalikštienė
· Discussion of Contractor’s Contractual Conditions with Contractor SFE
We will be happy to answer and include the topics you have proposed in the seminar schedule.

Exhibition on Saturday (September 7) at 11am professional excellence competition:
Carrier Operator – Settings and Registration.
Timber Drivers – Regulations and Registration.
Sawyers – Regulations and Registration.
Pre-registration required.

Friday (September 6) at 5 pm – Foresters Festival. The program will be updated.

Festival Tournaments:

        Mini Basketball Tournaments – Terms and Registration.
         Mini Football Tournaments – Terms and Registration.
         Mini Volleyball Tournaments – Terms and Registration.
         Rope pulling – Terms and registration.
         Folk Games for Families or Family – Terms and Registration.
         Fishermen Competition (To be anounced)
         Chess Tournaments – Terms and Registration.
         Checkers Tournaments – Terms and Registration.
Pre-registration required.

We invite you to come to the exhibition – festival with communities and families. Everybody will be able to build a tent or a tourist cottage for a symbolic fee, as well as other equipment and attributes necessary for the tourist destination.

Friends of the exhibition: Association of Forest Contractors, Nosted Mechanics, Kaunas Forest and Environment Engineering College, Lithuanian Land and Forest Owners Association, Ukmergė District Association, magazine Our Forest.

Exhibition-festival organizer